Programming and software developing 

Valued experience in programming embedded systems based on various operational systems, such as uCos, Tnkernel, Linux, Embedded Linux on various platforms, such as ARM, MIPS, DSP, MSP430, PIC, and AVR.

Electronic hardware development

Hardware is designed with Atium Designer software which means that all needed documentation for prototypes and production is also prepared by our company. As for the process itself we also cooperate with several co-partners who provide us with the electronic assembly of devices. We support digital, analogue and RF designs as well as mixed designs.

Support for 3D mechanics and electronic development

The devices we design are usually very complex and small; therefore, 3D modelling is a necessity for enclosures of the device and for designing mechanical systems. We provide all technical documentation for production and define all production processes and materials.

Prototype development and production

Due to our considerable experience in development and integration of electronic assembly in various enclosures, we are the right choice for the exact definition and assembly of prototypes and production control.

Project management

The interactive approach with our contracting partner includes preparation of the adequate documentation, the definition of the procedures and time frames of the project. To assure efficient realisation of the project, managing a team of a contracting partner can be arranged as well.