About LRIT (Long Range Identification and Tracking)

LRIT (Long Range Identification and Tracking) system or application was developed to ensure safety of vessels, cargo and crew during the voyage and while in the berth. At first the regulation was mandatory on bigger ocean ships but later the regulation was expended to:

  • all vessels with minimum 300 gross tonnage or more,
  • vessels in international traffic,
  • ferries or cruise ships,
  • mobile offshore drilling units.

After 2006 LRIT is in SOLAS resolution which allows exchange of LRIT data to assure safety of the vessel and for rescue purpose. For this purpose Aerium d.o.o. developed the product called LT2001-LRIT with built-in Iridium satellite modem which corresponds to the LRIT specification of decree MSC.210 (81)4.3. According to the above mentioned decree respectively LRIT regulations, a device reports geographical position in constant time intervals, which can be set from fifteen minutes to maximum 6 hours. The operator can also inquire a current position of the vessel with command “POLL”.

According to regulations every LRIT device must have option to assign identification number.

For the promotional purposes we prepared a leaflet –LT2001-LRIT-.

Podpora produktu LT2001-LRIT (prenos datotek)

 - ILT2001-LRIT letak